Master Plan 2019

Dynamic and innovative environment in CBD: well connected and vibrant mixed use district

• Increase in gross plot ratio within CBD to encourage the conversion of existing office
developments to hotel use and residential use;

• More residential development in this area to bring in life after office hours;

• Boost live in population to rejuvenate the city;

• Increase housing variety and amenities in places such as Downtown, Marina South and
Rochor area;

• Greater vibrancy and public open spaces;

• Inject unique, short term uses for vacant state properties and land;

•Transit priority corridor (Robinson Road);

•Encourage active mobility and ease of transit – more space can be given to buses,
cycling paths and pedestrian walkways;

•Areas of focus: Anson Road, Cecil Street, Robinson Road, Shenton Way and
Tanjong Pagar areas.

Source: URA